Our Mission

  • AFAM will provide a comprehensive support to the freight community in Malaysia
  • AFAM will provide its stakeholders and customers with up to date information, updates and changes in the industry by ensuring they are represented and protected and promote industry participation and partnership to best meet the market changes and demands.
  • AFAM will ensure its members and their customers are keep abreast of the changes and market updates through dissemination of information, updates on changes and distribution of communication and publications on a regular basis.
  • AFAM will ensure a level playing field for its members and will support the multinationals as well as the SME’s to ensure that the quality of service and expertise are maintained.
  • AFAM will endeavour to provide support, knowledge and best in class training through approved vendors and trainers that are certified to enhance the quality of our representatives within the freight community in order to maintain a world class standard.